Admission Policy

Admission in Garrison Cadet College Kohat is primarily given in class 8, once a year at the commencement of academic session. Admission is granted purely on merit, basing on the performance of candidates in written entrance test and interview followed by a medical check-up. The written test includes English, Urdu, General Science and Mathematics subjects of appropriate standard. Examination centers and dates for written entrance test and interview are advertised in the leading Urdu and English newspapers well in time.


1.        For admission to any class a candidate must either be studying in that class or must have passed the last lower class at the time of admission.

2.        Age limits on 1st April of the year of entry are given below. Moreover, the physical appearance of the candidate must commensurate with the age mentioned in the Application Form.

Class VIII        –           12 – l4 Years                                                      

Class XI          –           15 – l7 Years

Class VIII

Total seats for class 8 are 120.

Class XI

Limited seats may fall vacant in class 11, for which admissions are granted purely on merit. The dates for test/interview are advertised in newspapers.

Fee Structure

Admission Fee: PKR 20,000   

Security (Refundable): PKR 10,000

Tuition Fee, Boarding, Lodging & Other Charges

                           Civillians                         Defence 

1st  Term            Rs. 77,973                       Rs. 70,335

2nd Term            Rs. 77,973                       Rs. 70,335

3rd Term             Rs. 77,973                       Rs. 70,335

4th Term             Rs. 77,973                      Rs. 70,335

Total                    Rs. 311,892                     Rs. 281,340

Note: If dues are not paid within 30 days of the laid down dates, a fine of Rs. 50.00 per day will be imposed for two months.

College Dues will be increased automatically by 10% annually.

Withdrawal Policy

Cadets failing in annual promotion examination are made to repeat the same class. If they do not show improvement in academic performance and fail for the second time, they are withdrawn from the college. Cadets involved in violation of discipline/College rules are also withdrawn. The decision of the College Administration is taken as final and cannot be challenged in the court. College failing in send up Examination are also made to repeat the class or expelled on the desire of parents.

Syllabi for Admission in Class 8


  1. Composition: Essay/ Letter/ Application writing etc.
  2. Use of English verb into meaningful sentences.
  3. Comprehension: Questions based on given passage

4. Translation: Translation from Urdu to English and vice versa

5. Applied Grammar (Preposition, Active/ Passive Voice, Narrations, Parts of speech, Types of sentences, correct the given sentence and Re-arrangement of jumbled sentence, correct spelling etc.


General Science Book for Class 7

(Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Textbook Board Peshawar and Punjab Textbook Board Lahore)


Mathematics Book For Class 7

(Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa Textbook Board Peshawar and Punjab Textbook Board Lahore)

Syllabi for Admission in Class 11

Note: 1st Year entry test Paper Pattern.

(KPK Text Book Board Peshawar and Punjab Text book Board Lahore)

( A ). The Papers of Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics will be as per following Pattern:

  Max Time: 1Hr

 Section A: 15 MCQs

Section B: 07 Short Questions 


Marks 1×15=15

Marks: 7×5=35

Syllabus: Only 10th Class

Time:15 Mints

Time:45 Mints

( B ).    The papers of English will be as per the given model Paper:

  1. Write an Essay of about 200 words on any one of the following topics.(16)
  2. Do as directed.(10)
  3. Change the narration of the given sentences.(07)
  4. Change the voice of the given sentences.          (07)
  5. Translate any five of the sentences.                    (10)