The College has classes from class 8th to FSc (Pre-Engineering and Pre-Medical Level). The medium of instruction is English for all classes. The cadets are prepared for Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation) and Higher Secondary School Certificate examinations. The College is affiliated with Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Islamabad. Terminal examinations are held at the end of all terms (1st term- June, 2nd term- November). Annual internal promotion examinations are held in March. Besides this, monthly and end chapter tests are regularly held throughout the academic year to check assimilation and progress of the cadets. Progress reports are sent to the parents after each examination (less monthly and spot tests). Promotion from school to the college classes is not automatic. Admission to class 11 (FSc Part-I) depends upon the students’ over-all academic performance, result of matriculation examination and his discipline. Decision in this regard rests entirely with the Principal.
Note: Cadets failing in annual promotion examination are made to repeat the same class. If they do not show improvement in academic performance and fail for the second time, they are withdrawn from the college.

Religion and Ideology

Islamiyat is a compulsory subject for Muslim cadets. The essentials of Islam are taught in the classroom. Religious education in the classroom is supplemented by five time prayers in the College Mosque, for which provision is made in the College daily routine. The Morning Assembly begins with recitation from the Holy Quran, followed by translation in English and Urdu. In spare time, the College Khateeb teaches Nazira of the Holy Quran to those cadets who cannot recite the Holy Quran. Regular Inter-House Qirat and Naat Khawani Competitions are held to provide incentive to the cadets to learn and enhance their skills in Qirat and Naat Khawani. Regular talks and sermons are arranged on Islamic values and ideology of Pakistan in order to make them good Muslims, human beings and patriotic citizens of Pakistan. A complete religious and sectoral harmony is maintained  in the College.

Bio Lab:
Bio Laboratory is a facility that provides controlled conditions in which scientific research, experiments, and measurement may be performed. Biology lab is a staple of most high school/Colleges curriculum. Students learn not only about nature and evolution, but also about the scientific process and proper procedure for conducting experiments. Biology Lab of GCCK is fully equipped to conduct the practical exams of HSSC and SSC. There are five members of teaching staff and one lab assistant to look after the needs of SSC & HSSC students.

Chemistry Lab:
There are five members of teaching staff and one lab assistant to look after the needs of SSC &, HSSC students. The Lab contains all the necessary equipment such as Bench-Tables with sink, water and gas connections, Oven, Glove bag, Digital Balances, PH meter, Water Distillation Plant, Thermometer, Glass apparatus, Vacuum Filtering Flasks etc. All the required chemicals are available in sufficient quantity in the respective cabinets.

Physics Lab:
There are five members of teaching staff and one lab assistant to look after the needs of SSC &, HSSC students. The Lab contains all the necessary modern equipment to cater for the needs of SSC and HSSC level practicals / research work.

Computer Lab:

Computer training is compulsory for all cadets. Progressive computer training is imparted to all the cadets from class 8 to 12, under the supervision of a well-qualified computer officer. A  computer laboratory equipped with adequate number of latest computers and modern allied equipment is available to the cadets. In addition, a computer club with internet facility is also available to the club members.

Language Lab:

A modern Language Laboratory is present in the College which helps the cadets in polishing their English language skills.


The College has a well-organized Library, managed by a trained Librarian who holds Master degree in Library Sciences. Modern educational audio and visual aids are used to make classroom instruction more effective and palatable. The Library is treasured with valuable books on all conceivable subjects. In addition the Library possesses E-Library containing 27,000 books.  The Library is also equipped with a television and VCR/DVD used for showing informative, historical, educational, geographical and cultural movies to the cadets. The College subscribes for leading English and Urdu magazines and Newspapers. These newspapers are available to the cadets both in library as well as in hostels. Every class has specific number of Library periods per week. Nominated classes visit the Library in the prescribed periods and read books, magazines and newspapers of their choice. In addition they are also trained on methods of searching the desired publications/information. The cadets have the facility to draw books of their choice to read during leasure time in the hostels.

College Magazine:

A quality College Magazine “Garrisonian” is published annually. It is compiled and published under an Editorial Board comprising teachers and cadets. Most of the articles for the magazine are contributed by the cadets.


House System

There are six houses in Garrison Cadet College Kohat. The houses are named after renowned personalities of Muslim history namely, Ayubi House, Sina House, Ghazali House,  Zangi House, Jinnah House and Kayani House named after the renowned Jurist, Muhammad Rustam Kayani. Each cadet is allotted a house at the time of admission in the college. Each house is supervised by a house warden, who is assisted by a house tutor, cadet appointments, one non-commissioned officer (drill and PT instructor) and two house Babas.

Cadets Mess

The College also has well organized messes for each house. Messes are managed by a Messing Officer, who is assisted by a Mess Supervisor and three Assistant Mess Supervisors. In addition to various other facilities, messes are supported by a modern Roti Plant for baking of bread (Roti).


The College Mosque is the center of all religious activities. It has the capacity to accommodate about 1500 people at a time. Besides the daily 5 times prayers, Jumma Prayers, Travih Prayers, in Ramadan, are offered in this beautiful mosque. Moreover, other religious functions like Eid-Milad-un-Nabi, Shab-e-Barat, 27 Ramadan- etc are also performed here. A regular Khateeb and Moazzan (both Hafiz-e-Quran) have been appointed  for said purposes

Sports and Leisure

Sports & Physical Training

Sports and physical training are compulsory for all cadets. Morning PT and drill of all houses are conducted and supervised by the adjutant and respective incharge non-commissioned officers. Timings for these activities are laid down in the college routine instructions. Regular inter house competitions in sports, PT, and Drill are held in order to inculcate competitive spirit among the cadets. The college also plays friendly matches with teams of other colleges and clubs. A swimming pool is available for cadets to learn and enjoy swimming, in addition a gymnasium and two squash courts are also available in the College. An obstacle course is present to develop cadets’ skill for test at ISSB.

  • Play Fields
  • Basketball Courts 3
  • Football Grounds 3
  • Hockey Grounds 2
  • Cricket Ground 2
  • Volleyball Courts 3
  • Badminton Courts 2
  • Table Tennis 6
  • Assault Course 1
  • Athletics Track 1
  • Swimming Pool 1
  • Squash Courts 2
  • Gym 1
  • Lawn Tennis Court 2

The college offers the students a wide variety of extracurricular activities and the students can participate in any of them according to their individual interest and inclination. Some major clubs include are:
• Science Club
• Hiking and Trekking Club
• Photography/Painting Club
• Horticulture Club
• Scouting Club
• Dramatic Club
• English/Urdu Literary Club
• Taekwondo Club
• Shooting Club
• Horse Riding Club
• Para Gliding Facility in Kohat Cantt
• Archery Club

Tours and Excursions

In order to broaden the mental horizon of students, the College regularly organizes educational trips and tours to various prominent places in which visit of Pakistan Military Academy Kakul twice a year is a regular feature.

Internet & Cable TV


Presently the College has got a 40MBPs wired connection which looks after the needs of computer lab, library and faculty members for study and research work.

Cable TV Network

The college has own cable network with sufficient number of news, sports and controlled entertainment channels. The cadets are allowed to watch various TV programmes during TV timings. A movie is also run on weekly basis on free nights.


Medical Facilities (MI ROOM)

The College has an MI Room, stocked with necessary medicines and equipment. Two  nursing assistants are present in the college round the clock and look after the health problems and minor ailments of the cadets. Routine medical care and immediate first aid is provided to the cadets in the College Ml Room. A qualified MBBS doctor visits college every evening and checks the sick cadets. Cases requiring specialized treatment are referred to CMH Kohat or Civil Hospital Kohat. Cadets requiring special attention are shown to  the specialists. Specialist’s fee and hospital expenditures (in case of admission) are included in the bills of the cadets. Cadets suffering from serious diseases are either admitted in CMH Kohat or sent to their homes for the treatment through their parents.

Cafeteria & Guest Rooms

Tuck Shop & PCO

A good tuck shop and fruit shop are available to the cadets from where they can buy essential commodities at reasonable prices. Since keeping of mobile phones is strictly prohibited for the cadets, the college administration has arranged a public call office. The cadets can call their parents using PCO.  In  addition, parents can directly call the cadets on house landline numbers on specified days.

Stationery & Item Store

All the required syllabus books, stationery and stores, etc are collectively procured by the college and provided to the cadets cheaper than the market rates.

Guest Rooms Block

A guest rooms block comprising 16 fully furnished guest rooms is available to accommodate the parents visiting their wards over weekends.

Security & Elect-Generator Backup

Security & Safety

The College is  secured and well-guarded through efficient security system. The safety and security of the cadets is our first rated priority. Every effort has been made to ensure  foolproof security of cadets / College.

Elect-Generator Backup

Two heavy, automatic and efficient generators meet the needs of power crisis thus, providing electricity to the whole College.


Barber & Washerman

Two barbers are hired by the College who take care of haircut. There is a laundry readily available to the cadets where washermen wash their clothes, uniforms etc and also render ironing services.

Cobbler & Tailor

The service of a cobbler  are also available to the cadets in the Campus. There is an expert tailor who prepares uniforms and suits for the cadets.